Why the Costa de la Luz ?

Why the Costa de la Luz ?

This “Coastline of Light” is the perfect destination for those people looking for an authentic place to live and enjoy life at an affordable price in one of the most beautiful regions of Spain:

-Away from mass tourism

-No big summer heat thanks to Atlantic influence

-Three hundred days of sunshine per year

-Great life style at moderate cost

-Lowest crime rate of the whole of Europe

-One of the richest area in the field of art, culture, natural beauty …

-Rich gastronomy (fresh fish, seafood, game and poultry, ecological meat)

-Excellent connections & short travel time from most European cities

-Low traffic density

-The energizing energy of the Atlantic Ocean

-Seven hundred km long natural sand beaches (the very best of the whole of Europe)

-Huge nature reserves

-New, severe regional plans for long-term sustainable development

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