Costacool is offering a full guidance upon the purchase of your home including:


ü  Selection of suitable properties within the requested price range

ü  Full documentation of the property

ü  Visit of the property

ü  Check of registration and land registry

ü  Control of outstanding debts

ü  Arrangement of private sales agreement

ü  Deposit on third parties account (notary)

ü  Review of notarized title deed before signature

ü  Registration number for foreigners

ü  Control on outstanding fees, taxes etc. …

ü  Bank affairs  (opening of bank account, reducing bank transfer costs ...)

ü  Guidance and translation upon  signing the Title Deed

ü  Handling the purchase cost

ü  Inscription in the Property Register

ü  Change of contracts for the utilities  (water, electricity …)

ü  Telephone and internet if requested

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